Addressing the needs of the older people

This article is about addressing the needs of the older people, who are still in the workforce when it comes to safety and wellness.  It is important to come up with better ergonomics and wellness programs so that we can take good care of our aging workforce. We should be proactive in addressing their needs rather than shoulder the cost of medical expenses and the inconveniences caused by their absences from work. The author suggested strategies on how we can prevent musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs.

These are the common health issues encountered by older people in the workforce. Safety and wellness programs should include nanotechnology and engineering, administrative, and behavioral interventions to ensure prevention of injuries at work.   This article addresses the needs of the older people in the workforce.  We should value their contribution and effort to still be productive citizens of our country.  To help them perform their responsibilities to the fullest, we should ensure that their work environment is safe and supportive of their needs.  This study is also in support of the United States Labor Law on Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.   

Ergonomic and behavior-based strategies are used to ensure the safety and wellness of our aging workforce.  Different techniques can relieve stress from different parts of our body.  The discussion on different interventions involving engineering, administrative, and behavioral factors shows that it takes a holistic approach to be able to manage the aging workforce. Engineering designs and solutions, especially in the field of nanotechnology, make it easier and safer for them to perform their jobs.  The companies can also implement policies that promote a healthy work environment. There should also be behavioral and lifestyle changes that would reduce the risk of injury and sickness. The workplace should be a safe location for all workers especially for our aging workforce who only want to contribute to the success of the company.